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The third edition of
Find the Perfect College for You
is on the bookshelves and retail websites, like www.capt.org.

Before you take that step forward in your College Search...

Do you know that your Personality Type and Learning Style are really important considerations in the college search? Students who understand this will use a new way to identify colleges.

Find the Perfect College for You looks at campuses by individual Personality Type and Learning Style. Students who read and use the pages of this book will find their best fit colleges and a lot of insight about themselves. Plus the third edition includes new trends showing up on campuses as a result of recent social media influence.


"In today's economy, mistakes can be costly, and parents are looking for a sure strategy to match their student to a college that fits them. Hats off to these two–They hit the bull's eye."

George DeLodzia, Professor Emeritus of Business Administration,
University of Rhode Island


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