Campus Environments, What works for you?

The last big piece of information in college selection by High School students is to learn about the different Social and Physical environments.

Find the Perfect College for You lets you quickly check out 82 colleges and university campuses by skimming the bolded words in each write up. This will help you start to recognize your best fit.

Think about where you are comfortable: city, suburbs or rolling hills in the forest? How do you want to live? In small dormitories with Professors living on the same floor or suite style in big buildings with elevators? Adding colleges and subtracting them from your list is the right thing to do. The campus environment could become a tie breaker in your final choice.

You can take your Personality Type, Learning Style, 'like' majors & minors and 'fave' environmental choices along on all campus visits even if they are not in this book.

"Students , their parents and their advisors will gain from the insights provided here. This is new and valuable college planning territory."

Steve Antonoff, PH.D., Antonoff Associates, Inc. Denver, CO


2015 Marie Associates

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