Yes, College Majors & Minors match up with Personality Types.

Each of the sixteen Personality Types also have "like" college majors. We know this because 50 years of MBTI® research has identified careers that each Type enters. So if your Type often goes into Environmental Science jobs, it is important to find the majors in Geology or Earth Science at the schools you are considering.

Find the Perfect College for You connects Personality Type, college majors and career fields. High School Students can use the Tables at the back of the book to skim a list of college majors & minors for their Type. Some will jump out as 'likes'. Then turn to the descriptions of each 'like' at campuses that offer them. These short write ups are also an easy way to make sure your college has about three or four majors that match up with your Personality Type.

"Through this book, Marie and Law have brought scientific research and understanding of personality, motivation and learning into the mix in a way that offers new insights to students and parents.."

Mark H. Sklarow, Chief Executive Officer
Independent Educational Consultants Association

"This book presents a proven, effective tool for the job of finding a college. Each one of our high school seniors has been able to pick their major and find a college by working through this process. What a Relief."

Lori Pohly, Parent, Huntsville AL


2015 Marie Associates

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